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Synthetic Tee Lines

Our premium T-line is the product that is recognized as the top line synthetic turf for golf course driving range applications throughout the United States. No in-fill is required for this product and it can be installed in many different ways as follows:

Continuous Strip:

Our turf comes in 15 ft. wide sections of any length, normally 6to 10 feet. Any number of 15 ft. sections can be seamed next to each other to cover any width desired.

Individual Mats:

Our turf can be cut into 5ft x 5ft sections for stand alone applications or placed into existing manufacturers foundations.
Our turf with a 5/8” foam pad can be cut into small 1ft x 4ft hitting strips to replace those in manufacturers mat systems. This will give the player a much more realistic hitting surface.

Pitching pads:

Our turf can be used as pitching pads to accent our synthetic putting greens.
Whichever type of installation is preferred; our Tee Line synthetic turf will give players the most realistic hitting surface available today. Our turf will allow a facility to rest the natural turf area more often, allowing for longer recovery times.

In addition to the ability to use our Tee Line in wet conditions, members can use it during frost delays and when maintenance practices are performed such as overseeding, aerification, fertilizer and pesticide applications.

Synthetic Tee Lines Gallery

Image 04

Tee Lines of all sizes and shapes can be designed for driving ranges or your home.


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Tee Lines contoured to your landscape and location. Smaller versions available for your home.